Write Chasidus and Earn

Help expand the Chabad online encyclopedia.

The mission

The Rebbe asked to compile the encyclopedia of Chasidic teaching. In the letter from 1971, the Rebbe clarified the importance of it: "The necessity is self-understood... (and it should be written) to be understood even by the animal soul."

What is your gain?

The first and most important thing is fulfilling the will of the Rebbe! In addition, we recommend a financial incentive (the idea is based on Mishnayot Bal Peh).

So, how does it work?

Write more - and earn more!
First, for every word, you write, you will earn a point. Your total points reflect the amount of Chasidus you have written and learned.
Second, we kindly ask every parent to help his child engage in this holy task and give him a financial incentive for every point he has accumulated.
Hereby enclosed "Letter of appeal to parents".

What to write?

Choose a subject in Chasidus or a Chasidic personality (it can also be your grandfather or another Chosid)
Check that there is not yet an entry (article) on the topic you selected (you can select from a list of requested entries).
Publish the article in Chabadpedia or Wikipedia.
* You may take information from any other book or website but must write in your own words. Do not copy-paste.
* You also may translate articles from Hebrew to English (but don't just use Google Translate, make sure the text is written well and comprehensive).
* It is important to use your email address as a username on Wikipedia or Chabadpedia so that we can identify you (use at least part of the email).

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